3 new generative AI features coming to Google Chrome


Over the last few years, we’ve brought the latest machine learning and AI technologies into Chrome to make searching the web easier, safer and more accessible. We started with improving practical, everyday tasks, like helping you add real-time captions to videos, better detect malicious sites, manage permission prompts and generate the key points of a webpage.

Starting with today’s release of Chrome (M121), we’re introducing experimental generative AI features to make it even easier and more efficient to browse — all while keeping your experience personalized to you.

You’ll be able to try out these new features in Chrome on Macs and Windows PCs over the next few days, starting in the U.S. Just sign into Chrome, select “Settings” from the three-dot menu and navigate to the “Experimental AI” page. Because these features are early public experiments, they’ll be disabled for enterprise and educational accounts for now.

Smartly organize your tabs

Tab groups are a helpful way to manage lots of tabs, but curating them can be a pretty manual process. With Tab Organizer, Chrome will automatically suggest and create tab groups based on your open tabs. This can be particularly helpful if you’re working on several tasks in Chrome at the same time, like planning a trip, researching a topic and shopping. To use this feature, right-click on a tab and select “Organize Similar Tabs” or click the drop-down arrow to the left of your tabs. Chrome will even suggest names and emoji for these new groups so you can easily find them again when you need them next.

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