Announcing the </Code> with Maps Hackathon Winners


In October, we partnered with Hack2skill to conduct the </Code> with Maps Hackathon in India. The challenge to hackathon participants was to build or expand an existing app to incorporate rich location experiences using Google Maps Platform APIs and SDKs to solve a problem relevant to India. More than 7,500 developers registered and their innovative projects covered a wide range of use cases. At demo day, finalists were scored along the following criteria: implementation, innovation, communication, and user experience. Ultimately, three teams won the top prizes. Here are their submissions:

Best Solution Solving for a Regional or Global Problem: Voltage Vikings

This team is helping users more easily find EV charging stations in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India. It addresses the global issue of building a sustainable future by improving the accessibility to EV charging stations. The app displays commercial charging stations to help drivers find the closest EV charging station. Individuals can also opt in to share their personal charging stations in the app so that drivers can pay to use private charging stations as well. The app provides a comprehensive experience from routing, reviews, and payments—all in a single place.


Users can find charging stations, routing, reviews, and make payments within the app

Best Mobile App: Girl Geeks

Mom App is an app that provides customized features and valuable information to support expectant mothers during a critical phase of their life. Through this app, you can access features like a maternity care locator, emergency assistance, and healthy eating options–all powered by Google Maps Platform. Expectant moms can also use StreetView to visualize the roads and avoid any nearby hazards or risks along the route, such as potholes and high elevation.

Google Maps Maternity

Map view showing restaurants, hospitals, and emergency help to assist expectant moms

Best Use of Recently Launched or Relevant APIs for India: Client Route Planner

Service professionals, especially small business owners in India, often face challenges navigating cities to meet multiple clients. To simplify the process, ClientRoutePlanner integrated client management with route planning, including Google Maps Platform’s two-wheel routes for motorized vehicles, which is a common mode of transport in India. The app provides a unified platform where users can log client locations, view clients based on proximity, and receive optimized travel routes for their visits. Beyond just mapping, ClientRoutePlanner doubles as a client management tool, allowing for the logging of service details and tracking of past interactions. This ensures professionals are well-prepared for every client visit, enhancing their overall efficiency.

Simulator Screenshot - iPhone 15 Plus - 2023-10-25 at 13.35.09 - Saravanakumar Gn_framed

Client Route Planner provides a unified platform where users can log client locations, view clients based on proximity, and receive optimized travel routes for their visits

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants. We can’t wait to see what you build next.

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