Apple Falls 24 Places in Reputation Poll, Microsoft Ranked 11th

Amazon is the leading company in the 2018 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient poll involving 25,800 adults in the United States, while Apple and Google recorded a dramatic decline.

Cupertino-based Apple dropped no less than 24 places in the chart and is now ranked 29th, while search giant Google fell from 8th to 28th.

On the other hand, Microsoft is currently the 11th company in the poll, only ahead of Nike, while Samsung is number 35, followed by Dell and Unilever. Facebook is ranked 51st.

As for the reasons why Apple and Google recorded such a dramatic decline, John Gerzema, CEO of the Harris Poll, says it’s all because of the most recent products unveiled by the two companies. Their launches have gradually lost the attention they used to get, Gerzema continues, and products unveiled in the latest years failed to be as successful as those of the original iPhone and Google Maps.

“Google and Apple, at this moment, are sort of in valleys,” Gerzema told <a href="https:… (read more)

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