Avast Launches Secure Browser with Built-in Ad Blocker, Video Downloader

Antivirus company Avast has launched its own browser that includes several security tools, including a VPN service, as well as an ad blocker enabled by default.

Avast Secure Browser runs on Chromium and is actually an improved version of Avast SafeZone Browser, coming with several security and privacy tools.

First and foremost, the new browser comes with built-in privacy features that will hide your identity, and Avast guarantees that no one can track you. “We believe that what you do online is your business. Your posts, your emails, your searches, your browsing history — they’re yours. With our browser it stays that way,” Avast says.

There’s also an ad blocker that’s enabled by default and which makes browsing faster, as well as a so-called bank mode that blocks attackers from accessing information that you type, like passwords and credit card numbers.

Built-in video downloader

Avast Secure Browser also integrates a VPN that’s available free of… (read more)

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