Chrome For Android Update: Push Notifications and Add To Homescreen (Screenshots)


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Today we focus on Chrome for Androidstill the best Browser on any Android device by far and with that said, Google Chrome Browser for Android has just received a pretty big update.

Push Notifications

Timely, personalized notifications save users the effort of manually checking for updates throughout the day and have enabled a host of new experiences from real time communication to live updates on breaking news.

This release of Chrome supports the new emerging web standard for push notifications on Android and desktop, enabling users to opt in to allow a specific website to send them push notifications just like an installed native app. Over the coming weeks, mobile web users will be able to opt in to receiving push notifications from early adopters including Beyond the Rack, eBay, Facebook, FanSided, Pinterest, Product Hunt, and VICE News. Roost and Mobify also provide services that make it easy for developers to integrate web-based push notifications into their site with minimal custom implementation work.

Push Notifications Screenshot

Android Push Notification

Android Push Notification Picture

 Promoting Add to Home Screen

Mobile users often open their phones to pass time while on the bus or waiting in line. Home screen icons help them easily jump back into their favorite experiences with just a single tap. In this release of Chrome for Android, users who frequently visit a modern, mobile-optimized website such as Flipboard or Medium will be offered the option to easily add the site directly to their home screen in one tap, allowing them to keep in touch and engaged throughout the day.

Add websites to your home screen

Add websites to your homescreen on Android


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