Chrome Gets Fix For Annoying Page Jumps as Google Introduces Scroll Anchoring

Google just made Chrome a lot less annoying by introducing scroll anchoring, a feature that should prevent those pesky page jumps. 

This normally happens, Google says, because websites insert images or other content above the visible area, which pushes down what’s on the screen. 

“With the newest Chrome update, we’re introducing something called scroll anchoring, which locks the content you’re currently looking at to the screen, keeping you in the same spot so you can keep reading,” Google says

This is an issue many users complain and it’s virtually impossible for a Chrome user to not have encountered it at least once as they eagerly try to read an article they are particularly interested in. Before the new update, someone could read through the first paragraph, quickly scroll to the next only to be pushed back at the top as more content has loaded. 

Usually, that’s either … (read more)

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