Chrome’s New Feature: Suspends Least Interesting Tabs To Free Memory

Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all having a great day. My day is alright, I think I am going to have a stomach-ache, but maybe not, anyway read on…

Today we focus on Chrome’s new feature and I must say, I am kind of 50/50 about it, what I mean is I am not sure if their AI is going to get it right. I just don’t see how. I mean if I have a tab open, regardless if I am browsing the tab or not, the tab I have left open is interesting regardless, to me. Right? I know I am not the only one thinking like this. But maybe Google has something else up their sleeve when this new feature finally goes live. Lets learn a little more about it from the official blog.

“Discarding unused tabs will save battery life and improve browser performance

According to the official spec, Google Chrome Browser will automatically discard tabs(suspend) in the following order: internal pages like new tab page, bookmarks, etc., tabs selected a long time ago, tabs selected recently, tabs playing audio, apps running in a window, pinned tabs, and the currently selected tab.

This feature can prove to be very useful for users that like to open tens or even hundreds of tabs, which will eventually bog down any operating system, and run out your battery on laptops.

It will also help users by automatically closing down memory-hungry tabs or Web pages that run annoying Flash or audio content.”

How does Chrome choose which tab to discard?

You can go to about:discards to see the current ranking of your tabs. It discards in this order:
  1. Internal pages like new tab page, bookmarks, etc.
  2. Tabs selected a long time ago
  3. Tabs selected recently
  4. Tabs playing audio
  5. Apps running in a window
  6. Pinned tabs
  7. The selected tab

How to Enable Tab Discarding Feature In Chrome Now

To enable automatic tab discarding in Chrome on the latest Chrome Canary build for Windows or Mac:

  1. Open chrome://flags/#enable-tab-discarding
  2. Enable the flag
  3. Restart Chrome.
Discard Tabs Screenshot

Automatically Discard Tabs

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