Google and Spotify Start Rolling Out User Choice Billing


Announced earlier this year, the User Choice Billing, also referred to as UCB, is big news for the future of payment options bundled with mobile operating systems.

As its name suggests, UCB is supposed to provide users with more options on how they want to pay for services purchased on their mobile devices.

And thanks to this partnership, users no longer have to rely on Google Play to subscribe to Spotify Premium but use Spotify’s very own platform for the whole thing.

“Earlier this week, we began rolling out the first test implementation of UCB to Spotify subscribers in select markets around the world. Going forward, Android users will soon be able to choose how to pay for their Spotify subscription in the way that best suits them. You can see an example of the user journey below. In the coming weeks, we’ll expand our test to even more markets,” Spotify an… (read more)

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