Google Announces Beta Version of Android Games on Windows PCs

Microsoft itself is working around the clock on bringing Android apps to Windows 11, but in the meantime, Google already has its own plans on mixing these operating systems.

The company announced not a long time ago that it’s bringing Android games to Windows PCs by launching Google Play Games on Microsoft’s operating system.

And today, the search giant has made a gigantic step towards this goal with the release of a limited beta in Honk Hong, South Korea, and Taiwan.

In other words, the first users can already try out Android games on Windows PCs as part of Google’s program, though it’s very clear the company is going for baby steps right now before expanding the availability to more people out there.

Very limited testing slots right now

Google has also created an official page letting users to join a waitlist, so users can therefore be noticed when the program is live for testing in their r… (read more)

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