Google Announces the End of G Suite Legacy Free Edition

Google has just announced that it’s retiring G Suite legacy free edition, the free version of G Suite that was only available for a very limited time.

Launched nearly a decade ago and available until December 6, 2012, the G Suite legacy free edition has been the preferred choice for some users out there who signed up prior to this date.

The Mountain View-based search giant, however, is now getting ready to retire this old product, explaining that the service will go dark once and for all on May 1. After this date, all users will be automatically migrated to Google Workspace, with a free tier to be available until July 1.

The end of the free suite is near

In other words, Google Workspace will be available free of charge for G Suite legacy free edition users until July this year, after which everybody will have to get a subscription.

“Prior to December 6, 2012, Google offered a free edition of G Suite—also known as the legacy free edition of Googl… (read more)

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