Google Chrome 94 Is Now Available for Download

Google Chrome was, is, and will certainly continue to be the world’s leading browser, not only on the desktop but also on mobile, as it’s the default option on Android.

But what makes Chrome so popular is its feature arsenal, and Google is very keen on keeping its browser as up-to-date as possible, therefore the company comes up with new releases on a regular basis.

This week, Google published Chrome 94 for all supported platforms, and while this is a major update, the focus has clearly been on security improvements more than on new features.

What’s new in Chrome 94

One of the new features that come in Chrome 94 is an option that allows the browser to force secure connections when loading websites.

In other words, Google Chrome can be configured to allow only HTTPS connections, with a dedicated toggle now in settings allowing users to “upgrade navigations to HTTPS and warn you before loading sites that don’t support it.”

But very important to k… (read more)

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