Google Chrome to Receive Updates on Windows 7 Until 2020

Windows 7 no longer receives updates since January 2020, and Microsoft is now encouraging users to upgrade to Windows 10, emphasizing that sooner or later, developers would pull support for this OS version too.

Google, however, has recently decided to actually extend its support for Windows 7, explaining in an announcement this week that Chrome browser would continue to receive updates on the 2009 operating system until January 15, 2022.

This is an extension of 6 months from the July 2021 deadline the company announced before, and the reason is as simple as it could be: the migration to Windows 10 is advancing slowly due to the global health crisis, and with many IT admins forced to work remotely, it’s obviously quite a challenge to move to install a new operating system receive updates.

Windows 7 running on 20% of PCs worldwide

And Google says it wants to support all these users with more updates for Google Chrome on Windows 7, as they just need… (read more)

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