Google Could Launch a Foldable Pixel with a Samsung Display

The foldable revolution is underway, and companies like Samsung are investing aggressively in this new technology, seemingly not only for its own products but also for displays that would end up powering other smartphones out there.

A report from South Korean media indicates that Samsung has recently received orders for foldable displays from more phone makers, including OPPO, Xiaomi, and well… Google.

By the looks of things, all three want to launch foldable smartphones and all three want to use Samsung displays, though for the time being, very little is known about their projects.

Google’s foldable Pixel

But if the report is accurate, then Google’s foldable Pixel could come with a screen measuring 7.60-inch in size, though keep in mind this is the fully flat size. In the standard mode, the Pixel would be much smaller, but when the device is not folded, you would end up with a … (read more)

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