Google Docs Finally Getting Watermark Support

Google has recently announced that it’s bringing text watermarks to Google Docs documents, therefore making it easier to protect confidential files.

Text watermarks in documents have been around for a long time, and Microsoft Office obviously already has such a feature.

But as the adoption of Google Docs increases, especially in the business market, it was pretty obvious that Google needed to bring this feature to its word processor as well.

And this is what the company is doing right now, with an announcement shared this week revealing that users are now able to create or import text watermarks in Google Docs with just a few clicks.

Furthermore, even when working with Microsoft Word documents, the text watermarks will still be there, therefore guaranteeing the confidentiality of your files.

The rollout has started

“You can now add a text watermark to your documents in Google Docs. Additionally, when working with Microsoft Word documents, text … (read more)

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