Google Finally Fixes Android and Chromecast Bug Crashing Wi-Fi Networks

Google is finally fixing an annoying problem caused by the interactions between Android, Chromecast, and Google Home.

Some users began to notice a long time ago that the Wi-Fi connection is either being bogged down or was crashing when connection an Android device to either a Chromecast or to Google Home.

It’s a weird bug that’s not easily repeatable, that doesn’t always crash the Wi-Fi network, and that managed to remain hidden most of the time. Well, now it seems that Google is finally doing something about this problem, and the patch is scheduled to be launched for Android phones.

Affecting both Chromecast and Google Home

It’s not really all that surprising that both Chromecast and Google Home were affected because they are sharing the same type of hardware. What’s aggravating is that it took developers almost a month to acknowledge and do something about the problem, but we’re now happy that the solution is finally here.

“In certain situatio… (read more)

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