Google Finally Fixes One of the Biggest Annoyances in Chrome Browser

If you’re one of the many Google Chrome users out there, and there’s a big chance that you are given this browser has more than 65% share on the desktop, you probably noticed the changed F6 key behavior available since version 72.

Because as many of us learned the hard way, someone at Google had the brilliant idea to change one of the most popular shortcuts in the browser and make it less convenient to quickly access the address bar.

Before Chrome 72, simply pressing the F6 key switched the focus to the address bar, so you could begin typing the URL of the website you wanted to visit instantly.

But after this version shipped, pressing the very same key actually moved the focus to the tab bar, and you just had to press F6 once again to reach the address bar. It might sound like a small change that shouldn’t be such a terrible proble… (read more)

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