Google Finds Security Vulnerability in Apple’s Highly-Praised Privacy Technology

Google discovered, reported, and helped Apple fix a critical security vulnerability in the company’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) privacy tool.

Apple launched ITP back in 2017 as the most advanced anti-tracking system, as it adds a new protection layer against both first-party and third-party cookies, with the latter blocked by default on all devices.

ITP is specifically supposed to block overly-intrusive user tracking when going online, but as Google explains in an analysis, the feature could be abused to have exactly the opposite effect.

In other words, hackers could hijack Apple’s ITP to access sensitive and private browsing information, but also to launch cross-site attacks that could then lead to adding new domains to the Apple-maintained ITP lists.

“These issues have a number of unexpected consequences, including the disclosure of the user’s web browsing habits, allowing persisten… (read more)

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