Google Removes NFC Smart Unlock From Android With No Warning or Explanation

Google is removing the NFC Smart Unlock feature from Android only for people that are just logging in their accounts.

It’s not uncommon for Google to remove features from Android. In fact, this happened lots of times when it’s time to deprecate or retire some technology that’s no longer relevant to the current generation of users.

The removal of NFC Smart Unlock for new logins is a strange decision because it doesn’t really fit the established pattern. It wasn’t an old technology, and if anything it was just starting to take off. It’s still a relatively new addition, and it’s very likely that most users didn’t even know that it existed.

The function allowed the phones to act as a real security token based on the NFC technology, removing the need for a third-party device.

It’s not about the feature, it’s about the message it sends

The fact that Google is removing NFC Smart Unlock is not the actual problem. It’s their product, and they can do anyt… (read more)

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