Google Rolls Out Wear OS Update with New Weather App

Wear OS is not yet the Apple WatchOS competitor that Google hopes it would eventually become, but the Mountain View-based search giant keeps investing in its platform and new updates are released every once in a while.

Today, it’s the turn of the Weather app to get a refresh, with a new design that is supposed to make it easier to get more information at a glance. The user interface now displays the current weather conditions, the temperature, as well as precipitation and weather alerts.

In addition, Google is rolling out a new Breathe tile that would go live for users in the coming days.

“And whether you’re outside or indoors, the new Breathe Tile helps you decompress with easier access to guided breathing sessions. Once it’s finished, you can view a summary that includes how your heart rate changed between the beginning and end, and you can also see a recap of your breathing sessions for the week,” Google explains.

Ne sleep tracking information… (read more)

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