Google Teases New Way to Install Microsoft Office on Chromebooks

Microsoft 365, also referred to by most people as Microsoft Office, isn’t necessarily the most popular productivity solution on Chromebooks, especially as Google offers its very own alternative to customers.

But even so, the popularity of the suite is growing, and Google too knows that it needs to improve the experience that its users are getting on Chromebooks.

At this point, the only way to use Office on a Chromebook is by turning to the web apps, which Microsoft provides for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel through Google Chrome.

Google, however, says big changes are coming on this front, as the experience with Microsoft Office on a Chromebook will soon get a major overhaul.

The company seems to tease a new installation method for Office, though further details would only be shared at a later time.

“Today, users of Microsoft 365 and OneDrive software can use the Progressive Web App (Installable here) for their Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel needs. To further … (read more)

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