Google Translate Is Getting a Huge Update With New Design and Features

Google Translate keeps getting better and better, and this week, the parent company announced a major overhaul that further helps the app maintain this direction.

The first thing you’ll notice when launching the new version of Google Translate is the updated interface.

Google says the modern UI that made its way to Android devices is also coming to the iPhone, and of course, it’ll be focused on the same set of improvements. The app will feature a larger canvas for typing, and more accessible menus for translating conversations, starting the Lens camera translations, or providing voice input.

Then, Google is trying to improve the accessibility side with new gestures and more readable translations.

“New gestures to make Translate more accessible, including the ability to select a language with fewer taps, holding the language button to quickly pick a recently used language with a swipe, and swiping down on the home screen text area to quickly bring up your recent t… (read more)

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