Google Waves Goodbye to Paid Google Chrome Extensions

Google is longer accepting paid extensions in the Google Chrome Web Store, with the search giant telling developers that there are other methods to monetize such add-ons.

The search company originally disabled the publishing of paid extensions in the Chrome Web Store back in March, and the firm said the decision was only temporary.

But starting with September 21, devs can no longer create new paid extensions or in-app items, and the aforementioned temporary change has become permanent. Beginning with December 1, 2020, all free trials are disabled and the Try Now button will no longer be visible. Trials will just end with an error, Google warns.

Furthermore, charging money with Chrome Web Store payments will be blocked in February, and Google says that it plans to pull the licensing API’s capability to determine license status for users at some point in the future.

“The web has come a long way in the 11 years since we launched the Chrome Web Store. Back then, we w… (read more)

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