Google’s Nearby Share Will Also Support Windows 11

We already know that Android devices feel at home on Windows, all thanks to Microsoft’s commitment to the Your Phone app, but now it looks like Google wants to be part of the fun as well.

The company announced at CES that it’s bringing both Fast Pair and Nearby Share to Windows, therefore enhancing the experience of Android users on Microsoft’s desktop operating system.

With Fast Pair, users can more conveniently pair Bluetooth-enabled devices with Windows devices.

On the other hand, Nearby Share makes it easier for users to share files with Windows devices, so they wouldn’t necessarily need the Your Phone app for the whole thing.

In theory, sharing a file with a Windows device will be possible right from the sharing sheet on Android, though Microsoft is using an approach that many might consider more convenient. Thanks to the mobile companion app on Windows 10 and Windows 11, users can just browse the content of their phone on the desktop, in some cases even mir… (read more)

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