Hackers Find Clever Way to Bypass Google's Two-Factor Authentication

There’s a sneaky new trick going around that can fool some people into divulging their two-factor authentication code to crooks, while thinking they’re actually protecting their accounts.

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is a second layer of authentication that many online services support, from banks to Google, from Facebook to government agencies.

2FA works by requiring a user to enter a code that he received via SMS on his phone after he logged into a 2FA-protected account. If the user doesn’t enter the code in a timely manner, the login is classified as a hacking attempt and the user blocked from accessing the account, even if he entered the correct password. You can see the benefits, right?

Crooks pass as Google, ask users for “verification code”

This past week, Alex MacCaw, co-founder of Clearbit.com, tweeted out the image of an SMS he just received.

An unknown attacker had sent MacCaw an SMS message posing to be from Google. The SMS rea… (read more)
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