How to Enable Tab Groups in Microsoft Edge

Just like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge is based on the Chromium engine, so the improvements that land in Google’s browser sometimes make their way to Microsoft’s too, and the other way around as well.

Needless to say, Microsoft itself is always working on its own tweaks for Microsoft Edge, and the living proof in this regard is supposed for sleeping tabs, which is an evolution of Chrome’s freezing tabs implementation, all in an attempt to make everything more efficient on Windows.

Microsoft always says these improvements are based on user feedback, and this is why the company always calls for user to send their suggestions on how to improve the browser.

“We want browsing the web to be effortless. We continue to look for ways to improve the experience around browser resource usage. We also recently released a new feature to the Canary and Dev channels called sleeping tabs, which puts inactive tabs to sleep after 2 hours of inactivity to free up resources for other… (read more)

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