How to Remove chrome.exe from the Windows 10 Lock Screen

If you’re using Google Chrome, and the chances are that you are given this application runs on more than 67% of the PCs out there, you may have noticed that the application now displays a popup right on the Windows 10 lock screen.

Looking exactly like the one you see in the photo in this article, the chrome.exe popup is supposed to let you control media playback from the lock screen.

In theory, this is quite a useful feature, but in practice, having a chrome.exe popup on the lock screen all the time isn’t necessarily something that you’re going to love.

First of all, let’s see how chrome.exe ends up showing up on the lock screen.

On my Windows 10 computer running the latest stable version of Chrome, which at the time of writing this article is 75.0.3770.80, chrome.exe makes it way to the lock screen whenever some media is playing in the browser and I lock my device.

In other words, if I’m listening to a podcast on YouTube and I lock the Windows 10 computer w… (read more)

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