How to use Circle to Search on Pixel 8 and Samsung Galaxy S24


3. Get travel inspiration

Circle to Search can even give you ideas for your next trip. Maybe you come across a video or social media post of someone exploring a city, and you spot a uniquely designed building. Previously, you might have taken a screenshot and switched apps to search it, typed out a description or scrolled through the comments to try and find out what it was. With Circle to Search, simply scribble over the building to quickly identify it (and maybe add it to your own travel itinerary).

4. Compare options

Now you can easily compare options without leaving your screen. Say you’re texting with friends to decide where to eat. They send you two different restaurant options, but you’re not familiar with either. Instead of switching between your text thread and an app to look them up, long press the home button or navigation bar and highlight one of the restaurant’s names. Without leaving your messaging app, you’ll see the restaurant’s menu, photos of popular dishes, customer reviews and its location. Once you’ve looked at both options, just swipe away and let the group know which spot you’re craving.

5. Ask more complex questions

Circle to Search not only gives you quick information, it can give you AI-powered overviews (available in select countries). Let’s say you’ve come across several social media posts with interesting-looking corn dogs, and you want to know why these delicious treats are trending. You can use Circle to Search to look them up and ask a more nuanced question, like “Why are these so popular?” You’ll quickly learn that these are Korean corn dogs and understand why they’re trending through helpful information that’s pulled together from across the web. Once you’re done, you can swipe away and get right back to scrolling.

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