If You Clicked Anything Online, Google Probably Knows About It


Princeton assistant professor Arvind Narayanan and graduate student Steven Englehardt have conducted a massive research into how websites track users using different techniques.

The results of the Princeton Web Census study, which they claim to be the biggest to date, shows that Google, through multiple domains, is tracking users on around 80 percent of all Top 1 Million domains.

Google is a serial killer tracker

Researchers go on to explain that Google-owned domains, from where browsers load tracking code, account for the top 5 most popular trackers and 12 of the top 20 tracker domains.

In fact, after studying the Top 1 Million sites, researchers discovered over 81,000 different domains from where tracking code was loaded. Taking a closer look at the data researchers said that only 123 of these third-party trackers are found on more than 1 percent of all sites.

“This suggests that the number of third parties that a regular user will enco… (read more)
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