Image generation and Gemini Pro adds more languages


Today, we’re bringing Bard’s latest capabilities — including Gemini Pro in Bard — to more languages and places. Plus, we’re introducing image generation to help more of your ideas come to life.

Use Gemini Pro in all supported languages and places

Last December, we brought Gemini Pro into Bard in English, giving Bard more advanced understanding, reasoning, summarizing and coding abilities. Today Gemini Pro in Bard will be available in over 40 languages and more than 230 countries and territories, so more people can collaborate with this faster, more capable version of Bard.

The Large Model Systems Organization, a leading evaluator of language models and chatbots across languages, recently shared that Bard with Gemini Pro is one of the most preferred chatbots available (with or without cost), noting that it has made a “stunning leap” forward. And blind evaluations with our third-party raters identified Bard with Gemini Pro as one of the top-performing conversational AIs, compared to leading free and paid alternatives.

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