Microsoft Announces New Bing Features That Could Make You Give Up on Google

Microsoft is putting a lot of effort into improving the experience with Bing, and while some think that Google is still the number one search engine out there, giving a try to Redmond’s alternative might actually make them think otherwise.

This new update comes with some pretty massive improvements, including a new way to get the most important information for a specific keyword in a single view on the search results page.

The most straightforward example in this regard concerns recipes, with Microsoft explaining that all the data that matters is now offered at a glance by Bing.

“This view shows recipe pictures along with high-level information like calories per serving and user reviews. If a recipe includes a how-to video, we’ll show that as part of the answer, and it will play if you hover over. Seamlessly click from one recipe to the next and see them expand inline so you don’t have to bounce from page to page. The expanded view shows more information such as: … (read more)

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