New and better ways to create images with Imagen 2


Whether it’s to make music, get help with coding or create an image, task-based AI models like Lyria, Codey and Imagen are helping people bring creative ideas to life.

Since launching last year, our Imagen technology has helped people and businesses generate images using just a few words or phrases, directly in products. For example, you can envision what you’re searching for right in Search with Search Generative Experience (SGE) or create images directly in Google Slides and Meet with Duet AI in Workspace. Plus, developers and enterprises, like Canva and Snap, have used the Imagen API on Google Cloud Vertex AI to help millions of their users expand their creativity.

In December we introduced our updated Imagen 2 model, which delivers high-quality, photorealistic outputs. And starting today, Imagen 2 is powering new image generation functionalities on Bard and ImageFX.

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