Now That Microsoft Is Retiring Microsoft Edge, What Browser Should We Use?

The browser market pretty much comes down to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, at least on the desktop, while on mobile the battle involves several other names, including Samsung’s Internet browser and Apple’s Safari.

One of the browsers that often made the headlines but which still couldn’t compete against the big guys on the desktop is Microsoft Edge.

As the new default in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge certainly gained a lot of exposure, especially as Microsoft bragged about its features occasionally.

But at the same time, Edge also stepped into the spotlight due to fairly controversial marketing tactics that Microsoft somehow believed it was a good idea to rely on, including ads that showed up on users’ desktop to convince them to stick with the Windows 10 default.

And as it turns out, this has all backfired, and Microsoft Edge failed to succeed, becoming just another project that Microsoft is getting ready to kill off. That’s right, Microsoft is said to be pond… (read more)

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