Pixel and Pixel XL Dropped from the Google Store

Google is finally pulling the plug on the Google Pixel line of phones from 2016, and the company has removed them from the store.

After Google moved on from Nexus to Pixel, everyone was a little bit skeptical. With a couple of exceptions, all the Nexus phones and tablets were great and used as a standard in the industry. It turns out that no matter how they name their phones, they are still going to be good.

The first generation of Google Pixel phones was very well received. So much so, that they were sold through the official store until recently, even if Pixel 2 was already available. Maybe they had a very large stock, or maybe it was just that good. In any case, that’s over right now.

Pixel 2 is a worthy successor

The Pixel 2 launch wasn’t uneventful for Google, as the company got many complaints regarding the display. In any case, Pixel 2 is still considered one of the best devices to… (read more)

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