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Cloud Networking is exciting, it is invisible, and yet without it nothing would communicate. If you need a high-level overview of the core services in Google Cloud, then the newly created Tour Of Cloud Networking lab is for you. Let’s take a look at this informational lab.

The scale

The lab introduces you to Google’s Global network. One key benefit of running your workload on Google Cloud is you utilize the global scaled Google backbone powering services such as Search, Maps, YouTube, Google Cloud and more to billions of users and customers. In the lab, you will also learn about regions, zones and points of presence.


Core elements

To help you grasp the concept of cloud networking you can think of six building blocks. These blocks are network connectivity, networking security, service networking, service security, content delivery and observability, which help to simplify grouping of group networking functions.
In this lab the following areas are introduced to highlight some of the core services related to each area:

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network
  • Network services
  • Network connectivity
  • Networking security
  • Network intelligence (i.e. Observability)
  • Network Service Tiers


Start your networking journey
Start today by signing up in the cloudskillsboost portal and navigating to the Tour of Cloud Networking lab.

You can also learn more about networking with these resources:

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