The Internet Just Found Out That Each iPhone Creates a Photo Category for Bras

The Internet went crazy over an iPhone feature that was around for more than a year and which groups photos stored in the camera roll in categories based on a series of automatically-recognized keywords.

Women (and men, though that would be a little awkward, but hey, we don’t judge) who use an iPhone, just try a little experiment: open your iPhone, head over to the Photos app, and search for “brassiere.” (yeah, we know, you’re not taking that kind of photos, but this is exactly what so many celebrities claimed a few years ago, and here they are sending their army of lawyers after whoever posts The Fappening leaks.)

If the search returns a category holding photos featuring bras, bikinis, corsets, or pretty much any type of lingerie, you should know that’s entirely normal, and it’s something that every iPhone does if you allow it to. It’s not something that Apple rolled out overnight, and it’s certainly nothing to worry about. Unless you take photos that you shouldn’… (read more)

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