What You Need to Know About Google’s Android Games on PC Program


Android applications and games on Windows are a concept that has been around for quite some time thanks to third-party applications like BlueStacks.

Microsoft, however, embarked on a very ambitious mission of integrating Android app support right into Windows 11, and thanks to the Windows Subsystem for Android, users are now able to run Android apps on their PCs with just a few clicks.

The whole experience is powered by the Amazon Appstore, which is now bundled with Windows 11 following the 2022 Update, so users just need to download and install apps and games just like native software.

And while Microsoft is working around the clock on bringing Android apps to all Windows 11 users worldwide, Google also has its very own program with a similar purpose.

The software giant wants to allow users to play Android games on a PC through an effort known as Google Play Games. As a standalone PC application, this new piece of software makes it possible to download and play … (read more)

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