Get some best and most used apps for chrome OS


The chrome OS is becoming a good competitor to the windows and mac for the desktops. The chrome is the operating system from the Google and you can get the chrome books to use the features of this OS. The Chrome books are giving a good competition to the mac books. You can get the many apps for the chrome book and we are suggesting you some very useful and the best applications for your chrome book:

  • VLC for chrome: the VLC is the most used video player and now you can use this app on your chrome book. The VLC player provides the all in one media solution because you can play any format in this player. You can play the audio and videos in this app. It supports the all video formats and you can use this app very easily. All the controls of the video will be on your fingertips. This app also provides you the subtitle support for your videos.
  • Evernote: the evernote is the best cloud note taking app of the world. This app is now available for chrome book and the devices with this OS. The evernote provide the complete solution of taking the various types of notes and their management. You can save the audio, photos, texts and the video notes in this app. You can easily store all notes on the cloud and can use them anywhere.
  • Google Photos: the Google photos provide the complete solution to your photos. You can see the photos and can easily manage them. You can store the photos in this app and can sync the photos with the online cloud service. You also get the editing option for your photos. You can add some cool effects to your photos in the Google Photos.
  • Skype: the Skype is the best app for the video calling and chatting. You can use this app in your chrome book for the video calling to your Skype contacts. The Skype is a very good solution because you can chat with anyone, you can use the audio calling or the video calling features in Skype. The Skype gives the best options and you can choose the video quality according to your internet speed.
  • Microsoft office: the Microsoft office is the best app on the chrome book to give you complete office solution of the word, excel and power point. You can easily get this app on your device for free. You can read and create the various types of the documents and files in this app. You should download this app in your chrome book.
  • Instagram: Instagram is one of the most popular social networking app. You can share the images very easily and can follow the people to see their posts. The Instagram also has the very good photo editing features in which you can add the cool effects to the photos and then can share the images on your account.
  • Pixelr: this is a photo editing app for the chrome OS. You can add various effects to the photos. You will find many editing tools like crop, rotate, colors adjust and many more tools. You can add the texts, frames and clipart to the photos.

These are some useful apps for the chrome OS. You can use these apps on the chrome books or the chrome desktops. These apps are free and you can get these apps easily from the app store. You can find many more useful apps in the store and can search for the apps according to various categories. You can also search the apps manually in the store.

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