Best games for toddlers and babies on Chromebook


Games for babies on chromebookAs a new mom, I quickly discovered that keeping my little one entertained wasn’t always easy. Between diaper changes and endless “cooing” sessions, I found myself searching for ways to not only engage my baby but also create special moments of connection. As I was working on my trusty ol’ Chromebook, I think I was editing a spreadsheet or something and suddenly something hit me, why can’t I find some games that my baby and I can play together or she can be playing with the Chromebook by herself if I am a little busy? I decided to do my research and below you will find a list of the some of the best baby and toddler games you can download on your Chromebooks that are sure to spark joy and curiosity in your bundle of joy, just as they did for mine.

I personally tried each game at least 2-3 times with my baby(she is/was 2 years and 2 months at the time of this post) and she definitely had her favorites. Join me as I share our top picks, hoping to make your parenting journey a bit more fun and a lot more memorable. You can contact us or leave a comment below what you think about our list or if you want us to add another game.

Games to play with your baby

Sago Mini World: Kids Games

Sago Mini baby icon

Sago Mini World: Kids Games is a popular app with well over 10 million downloads already and I finally see why. The app is packed with tons of games for you and your baby to enjoy playing whenever and wherever.

  • Endless Adventures: From building robots to exploring outer space, there’s always something new for your child to discover. New games are added every month, keeping things fresh and exciting!
  • Learning Through Play: The games are designed to help your child use their imagination, solve problems, and be creative. Think of it as a fun way to learn without even realizing it.
  • Safe and Secure: There are no ads in this app, and it provides a safe space for your child to play independently.
  • Growing with Your Child: With games suitable for ages 2-5, this app can keep your little one entertained for years to come.
  • Playful Learning: The best part? Your child gets to be in charge! They can explore different settings, make up their own stories, and be whoever they want to be.

[ Download Sago Mini World ]

Sensory Baby Toddler Learning

Sensory game icon

This learning platform has a ton of options to choose from so it really helps to keeping your baby entertained and engaged is a lot easier. Sensory Baby Toddler does a great job with all of this and I think a lot of you might keep this app on your device no matter what. The game lets you and your child control and help a fish in an underwater world where your little one can explore and play.

Here’s what makes it great for first-time parents:

  • A World of Wonder: With colorful fish, bubbly surprises, and cool sound effects, this app is a feast for the senses! It keeps your baby entertained while helping them learn about cause and effect (touching the screen makes things happen.!).
  • Growing with Your Baby: The app has different features you can adjust as your baby gets older. You can change the background, add fun things like fireworks, or even control where the fish swim using multiple touches.
  • Learning Through Play: This app isn’t just fun, it also helps your baby develop important skills like hand-eye coordination. This is how they learn to reach for things and track objects with their eyes.
  • Safe and Free: There are no ads in this app, so you can relax and let your baby play without interruptions. It’s also free to download, making it a convenient and budget-friendly choice.

[ Download Sensory Baby Toddler ]

Talking Baby Games with Babsy

babsy virtual baby friend

Imagine your little one having a fun playdate with a sweet virtual baby named Babsy. Talking Baby Games with Babsy is an app that lets your child chat, play games, and learn new things alongside this adorable friend.

Here’s why it’s a great choice for first-time parents:

  • Keeps Them Talking: By chatting with Babsy, your child can practice their speaking skills and hear new words in a fun way. Babsy even responds with funny sounds and animations, making it even more engaging.
  • Learning Through Play: The app has games, puzzles, and even nursery rhymes that help your child develop important skills like using their little hands (fine motor skills), understanding sounds (auditory processing), and figuring things out (problem-solving).
  • Learning About Feelings: Through Babsy’s reactions, your child can start to understand different emotions. This is a great way to help them learn how to express themselves too.

[ Download Talking Baby Games with Babsy ]

Bebi: Baby Games for Preschool

Bebi games icon

Bebi Baby games for Preschool is an education focused app that works on your Chromebook. Bebi Baby Games for Preschool might be the perfect app to keep them entertained and learning new things! Think of it as a giant playroom filled with fun activities that help your preschooler grow smarter and stronger.

Here’s what makes Bebi Baby great for first-time parents:

  • Learning Made Fun: This app uses games, puzzles, and animations to teach your child about colors, shapes, numbers, and letters in a way that keeps them engaged.
  • Growing Skills: Playing these games helps your child develop important skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and using their little hands (fine motor skills).
  • Learning at Their Pace: There are no deadlines or pressure in Bebi Baby. Your child can explore and learn at their own speed, building a love for discovery.
  • Easy for Tiny Hands: The app is designed to be easy for toddlers to use, so they can play independently and build confidence.

[ Download Bebi Baby for Preschool ]

First Words for Baby

first words game icon

First Words for Baby might be a great app to help them on their exciting journey to learn their first words! Think of it as a colorful playmate that introduces them to the world around them.

Here’s what makes it fun for babies and toddlers:

  • Simple & Easy: No need for complicated instructions, this app is designed for tiny fingers to explore.
  • Learning Through Play: With bright colors and cute sounds, your baby will be having fun while they learn new words for things they see every day, like “ball,” “kitty,” or “yum!”
  • Building Blocks of Language: The app focuses on those important first words that become the foundation for talking and understanding the world.

[ Download First Words for Baby ]

Khan Academy Kids: Learning

babsy virtual baby friend

Khan Academy Kids is a free educational app specifically designed for children ages 2-8. It offers a library of thousands of learning games, activities, and digital books that aim to spark curiosity and foster a love of learning.

Khan Academy Kids Features:

  • Focus on exploration and discovery: The app features activities that encourage kids to explore different subjects like reading, writing, math, and creativity through interactive games and stories.
  • Simple and easy to navigate: The interface is designed to be child-friendly, with clear visuals and intuitive controls, making it easy for young children to use independently.
  • Engaging characters and themes: The app utilizes friendly animal characters and playful themes to keep children engaged and motivated while learning.


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Baby Color Tap

Baby color tap icon


Of course I understand you’re looking for an app to keep your baby entertained during fussy moments or while you tackle chores. While screen time for very young babies is generally discouraged by pediatricians, there are some things to consider:

  • Focus on Short Bursts: This app might be a good option for short periods, like while you’re preparing a meal or getting ready yourself. Remember, real-world interaction and playtime are crucial for development.
  • Look for Age-Appropriate Features: For babies under 12 months, simple cause-and-effect interactions are best. Does the app focus on tapping the screen to make things happen or have high-contrast, colorful visuals?
  • Limited Screen Time in the Car: Even with a car seat, it’s not recommended to use screens in moving vehicles due to potential distractions for the driver.

[ Download Baby Color Tap ]

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the educational benefits of playing these games with my baby?

Playing games with your baby supports critical areas of development including planning, organizing, emotional regulation, and social skills. It also enhances language, math, and social abilities, and aids in stress coping. Educational toys and games further contribute to cognitive development, teaching children about object permanence, cause and effect, and motor skills from an early age. These activities are essential for building a strong foundation for learning and development​.

Do I need a special app store to download baby games on Chromebook?

  • No you can download them from the original Play Store app from Google.

Can too much screen time cause autism?

  • Research indicates that extended screen time in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is more likely a symptom rather than a cause. Studies from Drexel University and Nagoya University found associations between screen time and ASD-like symptoms but emphasized genetic predispositions as a significant factor, suggesting that children genetically predisposed to ASD are naturally inclined to spend more time on screens​​​​. Genetics play a crucial role, accounting for about 80% of the risk of developing ASD, indicating that while screen time might impact social development, it’s unlikely to directly cause autism​​.

Are there any Chromebook games that can help with my baby’s development, such as motor skills or language learning?

Plenty of games are available that focus on the motor and or language skills of children, games like; Baby Einstein: Story time and online games on websites like

How long should I let my baby play games on Chromebook?

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends minimizing or completely avoiding media exposure for children under 18 months, except for video chatting. For children older than this, especially preschool-aged ones, setting media limits is encouraged to maximize the benefits of screen time. Parents are advised to actively engage with their children during screen time, such as co-viewing or co-playing, and prioritize supervised independent play over screen media when direct engagement isn’t possible. It’s also suggested that families should have media-free times and zones, like during meals and in bedrooms, to ensure children get adequate sleep and physical activity without the disruption of screens.

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