Best Puzzle Games for Chromebook


Hello everyone, we have a list of the best puzzle games for Chromebook that you can download right now and play. I like puzzle games even though at times they be frustrating but once you get the hang of it, these games can really get your mind up to speed, anyone know what I mean? My fellow puzzle gamers definitely do lol. Just a heads up, this compilation isn’t ranked from best to least; rather, it’s a collection of games that are truly worth your time and definitely deserve a shot.

Top Puzzle Games on Chromebook


Tetris Header

Tetris is a timeless puzzle game that continues to captivate players with its simple yet profoundly addictive gameplay. In this classic game, players rotate and arrange falling tetrominoes to complete horizontal lines, which then disappear to free up space on the board. The game speeds up and increases in difficulty as players progress, challenging their reflexes and strategic thinking. I used to play this game almost every single day back in the day, it’s still very fun to this day.

[ Download Tetris ]

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Header

Candy Crush Saga is a very popular match-three puzzle game for your Chromebook with well over 1 billion installations on Android devices alone, let’s not even count iOS. It captivates players with its colorful candy pieces and sweet challenges. In the game, players swap and match candy pieces on the board to make them disappear, aiming to achieve specific goals within a limited number of moves or time.

[ Download Candy Crush Saga ]


Woodoku header

Woodoku is a is a calming yet challenging puzzle game for your Chromebook that combines the classic elements of Sudoku and wooden block puzzles. Players are tasked with fitting various wooden block shapes onto a board, aiming to fill rows, columns, or squares to clear them from the board and earn points. I usually play this regularly myself.

[ Download Woodoku ]

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is a highly engaging puzzle game that challenges players with a series of creative, out-of-the-box puzzles and brain teasers. Designed to test your cognitive abilities and really push your brain to the limits, this game features a wide range of puzzles that require unconventional thinking and a good sense of humor to solve.

[ Download Brain Test Puzzles ]


Jigsawscapes header

Jigsawscapes is a relaxing and engaging puzzle game that offers players a vast collection of beautiful, high-resolution jigsaw puzzles. The game features a variety of themes and difficulty levels, catering to Chromebook puzzle gamers like yourself of all ages and skills. With its user-friendly interface, players can customize puzzles by selecting the number of pieces and even rotate pieces for added challenge.

[ Download Jigsawscapes ]

The House of Da Vinci 3

DHODV3 header

The House of Da Vinci 3 is a challenging 3D puzzle game for your Chromebook that immerses players in the Renaissance era, following in the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci. Players are tasked with solving a series of intricate puzzles, exploring detailed environments, and uncovering hidden secrets using mechanisms and inventions inspired by the legendary artist and inventor. With its stunning graphics and atmospheric soundtrack, the game not only challenges the mind but also transports players back in time, offering a unique blend of education and entertainment through its historically inspired storyline and interactive gameplay.

[ Download Da Vinci 3]

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