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Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all having a great day today, my day is doing great. I have a lot of energy today and I plan to use this energy to get some major work today for our company. If I didn’t mention it already, our parent company, Oxavi Group has pinned us with a new project for all of us here at the office to focus on in April. We have to finish a new web site called by sometime in mid or late May 2016 so that is where half my attention will be for the next few weeks, anyway, please read on…

Today we will feature an awesome photo editing app called Piconion. It’s sort of new, I think it is a couple of years old at best, maybe even newer but as we type, it has already over 20,000 users that use the app according to the Chrome app store. I randomly decided to check it out today and I must say it is pretty damn good! It supports layers and it’s a pretty good Photoshop alternative for your Chrome OS(it runs offline!) or Chrome browser. Lets find out what makes this photo editor worth your time to download.

What Is Piconion?

Piconion is a free simple and at the same time, advanced photo Editor for Chromebook and Chrome browser.

Piconion Features:

  • Basic: resize, crop, flip, image adjustments, apply filters, add stickers, capture image from camera, support layer management and pixel art.
  • Transform: rotate, scale, move.
  • Text: insert and edit your text. Many beautiful fonts.
  • Pen: create shapes or paths by bezier curve.
  • Painting: brush, pencil, eraser tools.
  • Selection: copy, cut, delete, fill, and stroke.
  • Flood Fill/Gradient: fill area with single color or gradient.
  • Eyedropper: sample colors from image.
  • Tuning: blur, sharpen, and smudge.
  • Darkroom: dodge and burn.
  • Work offline.

Piconion Screenshots

Install Piconion Photo Editor on Chrome

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