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Install Audiotool for Chrome

Install Audiotool for Chrome

Hello everyone, you can now download Audiotool for Chrome, before that, I hope you are all having a good week so far, my week has been pretty good, a bit shaky as this November has brought on a bunch of surprises over at our Oxavi Group head quarters but most of them luckily were/are positive changes including more funding for, anyway please read on…

Today we will highlight an awesome app for those of us using the Chrome browser, which is still the best browser in the world despite Firefox 57 giving it it’s best to reclaim the top spot as 2017 comes to a close.

What Is Audiotool About?

Audiotool allows you to produce music online with builtin synthesizers, drum machines, effects and samples. Audiotool is a powerful online DAW right in your browser with a built-in publishing platform to share your creations. Build your arrangement by dragging the devices to the desktop and connect them with virtual cables.

  • All device settings can be saved as a preset and be shared with the community resulting in more than 50.000 presets for the various devices.
  • Choose from more than 380.000 samples in the ever expanding community fed cloud based sample library.
  • Use the various routing & mixing tools to build up complex signal chains only limited by your imagination.

Audiotool features:

Pulverisateur – modular polyphonic synthesizer – 3 OSC – Audio In – Filter unit – LFO unit – Filter & Amp modulators – 17000+ user generated presets

Heisenberg – PM synthesizer – 4 OSC – 49 different Waveforms – Modulation Matrix – 3 Envelopes – Pitch Envelope – 2 LFO – 19000+ user generated presets

Machiniste – sample player / drum machine – 9 sample slots – individual Filter for each slot – individual Envelopes for each slot – Built-In matrix sequenzer – 8000+ user generated presets

Audiotool Vintage Line

Beatbox 8 & 9 – vintage Rhythm Composers with the classical sound & controls you would expect

Bassline – vintage Bass line player with the classical sound & controls you would expect

Audiotool Effects

– Splitter – Merger – 16 Ch Mixer / 2 AUX channels / 3band EQ – 4 Ch Minimixer / 1 AUX channel – Crossfader – Audiotrack


– audio regions – note regions – automation regions – pattern regions – selectable region colors – inplace audio editing – MIDI file import – Web MIDI API support – global shuffle

You can add as many devices to the desktop as your computer can handle and build up complex arrangements. Since every parameter on any device can be automated through the use of automation regions in the timeline of the sequenzer, you are free to build up whatever you imagine without being restricted by the tools you use.

    1. More Audiotool features
    2. Official Audiotool web site

    Install Audiotool For Chrome

    Auidotool App Screenshots

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