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Hello everyone, you can finally download Polarr for Chrome, before you do that, I hope you are all having a great start to your week so far. I can’t believe Tuesday is pretty much done for and tomorrow will be Wednesday. Time is sure is lying along, before we know it, 2021 will be right around the corner! Anyway, read on…

Today we highlight a pretty awesome app called Polarr Photo Editor. It is one of most popular Chrome apps right now and it has excellent ratings from those that have installed it on their Chrome and Chromebook, lets take a look at what makes this photo editing software for Chrome as good as the reviews.

What Is Polarr Photo Editor?

Polarr Photo Editor (PPE) is a professional photo editor made for everyone. It is surprisingly easy to learn and use, and removes the intimidation of “pro photo tools” for students, teachers, bloggers, and those who’ve never used a professional photo tools before.

Polarr Photo Editor Main Features: -Create and save your own style presets. -Infinite Undo/Redo and History to return to any point in your editing history. -Radial and Graduated filters makes local adjustments easy. -HSL channels and Tone Curves help you perfect the colors in your image. -Split-tone with any colors you choose. -Exposure, Contrast, Highlights and Shadows, Temperature, Distortions, Vignette, Dehaze, Denoise, etc. All the basic editing features are available, as well as new tools such as chromatic shift. -Diverse preset collection for any occasion. -Intuitive touch pad replaces the hassle of opening panels. -If you choose, you can also make adjustments by tilting your device.

Install Polarr Photo Editor on Chrome

Polarr Photo Editor Screenshot

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