Chromecast Upgrade: Download HBO NOW App, Pixlr App & 2 New Games

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Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? I am doing fine, well could be better because I am kind of in a pissed off mood! Why you ask? Well our server where this web site is hosted has been having some issues that seemed minor at first but turned major when we were knocked offline for a few hours the past couple of days. I am sorry for that and I am working hard to fix the issue. I am pretty good at Linux administration so I think I will figure things out very soon lol anyway read on…

Today we have some amazing news, especially for those of you who own a Google Chromecast. Google continues to amaze us by patterning with HBO to present HBO Now app on Chromecast, but there is more, much more.

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They have also managed to get us a natural Pixlr App for Chromecast, yes, you read that right. The popular online photo editing software is now available on your Chromecast!

Just hold on, where are you going? They have even more Chromecast news! Apart from these two stunning apps, they have managed to get two social games or rather, family friend games ported to Chromecast.

More family-friendly games

We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to use your phone as a remote or game controller, which has lead us to new social games like FitFlap and Catch Phrase Blitz.

FitFlap, by BreakFirst, uses the front-facing camera on the phone to capture players flapping their arms. The harder you flap, the higher pigs on the screen fly to collect coins while dodging obstacles. More into brain games?

Catch Phrase Blitz, the classic Hasbro guessing game, is now casting and is sure to bring excitement to your next party. Or try your hand at a more strategic, turn-based gameplay with Tricky Titans by MediaMonks. These giant Titans are standing on top of villages and using large shovels to scoop up houses and throw them at each other.”

Actually they released even MORE apps but I decided to mention the ones that most of you would be interested in, you can read the official full report here.

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