Top 5 Dress Up Games for Girls On Chrome And Chromebook


Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all having a great day so far. I have been trying to think of some new things to add to this site and finally it hit me! I think it is time we pay a little more focus to what young girls who are interested in technology want. Games! Lol read on, I will explain…

Well okay, so if we really look around this world or any web site in general, most of the content is aimed and geared towards a male audience, whether we like to admit it or not is another story but for arguments sake, lets just say this is true, ok? Okay, now lets make a small change to that starting with! My next couple of posts will highlight things that girls/women would be interested in. What better topic to start with than games?

Does Chrome Have Fun Dress Up Games?

Yes they are plenty of fun games you can play on your Chrome browser via your Chromebook, Chrome Os etc. You have to remember we are in the year 2016, online games have improved dramatically and it is to a point where you can play huge, heavy game graphics without actually installing anything on your HD. Below we will list just 5 of the best dress up games for girls voted by our staff(just me really), if you think we missed a particular game, please add in the comments. Let’s begin…

#1. Play Stardoll

Stardoll lets you shop, style & chat with friends in the world’s largest fashion game! Fill your closet with the latest fashion, get amazing makeovers, be an interior decorator & hang out with your best friends.


  • Get makeovers with amazing makeup & hairstyles.
  • Over 50.000 clothing, makeup & decor in-game items.
  • Chat & party with friends from around the world.
  • Design and sell your own clothes, hair & accessories.
  • Enter contests & win fashion prizes.
  • Brand new clothes, accessories, makeup & décor.
  • Fashion trends & styles for everyone.
  • Become a Superstar & get exclusive features.

Stardoll Game play Images

#2. Play Lady Popular

Lady Popular Dress Up Game

Play Lady Popular Game on Chromebook

Customize your own supermodel and guide her through the glamorous world of fashion! Full of mini-games, pets, boyfriends, and duels!

Join the brand new world of Lady Popular, live all the excitement it offers, experience the thrilling atmosphere and prove yourself on the Fashion Arena!

Start from creating your own lady and walk the path of Popularity! Build your own character and win numerous duels against others along the way. Become the Fashion icon that defines the newest trends.

Shop at the Fashion mall for all sorts of clothing and accessories. Don’t miss the special event lines that only the best can get their hands on.

Lady Popular Game play Images

#3. Play Stella’s Dress Up

Stella's Dress Up Game on Chrome

Play Stella’s Dress Up Game on Chromebook

Welcome to the world of Stella’s Fashion Show! Pick your favorite model, spin the wheel and create a unique outfit.


  • Meet Stella and friends.
  • Discover dozens of fashionable items.
  • From dresses to jeans and earrings to clutches.
  • Dress up and share your creations with friends.

Stella’s Dress Up Game play Images

#4. Play Angela Dress Up

Play Angela dress up game on Chrome

Play Angela dress up game on Chrome

Make a fancy Angela in this cute dress-up game for girls. Pick from five categories of different items like shoes, tops, bottoms, accessories and haircut.

Click on snapshot icon and show your lovely creation for friends and family.

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