How To Change Your Mac Address On A Chromebook

Change Your Mac Address On Chrome OS

How to change your Mac Address on a Chromebook

Hello everybody, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all having a great Monday night thus far? Meaning I hope you had a satisfying dinner, I personally hate going to bed on an empty stomach, I feel weird, is it just me? Lol anyway, let us focus on the topic at hand, how to change spoof your Mac Address on a Chromebook or Chromebox, believe it or not, it’s easily possible.

How To Spoof Your Chromebook MAC Address

Your Chromebook needs to be on Developer mode for this to work.

  •  Open your Developer Crosh Shell
  • Enter sudo ifconfig eth0 down to shutdown your internet connection.
  • Enter sudo ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:11:22:33:44:55 to change your MAC Address.
  • Enter sudo ifconfig eth0 up to turn back on your internet connection.

If you are connected to the internet through WiFi, you just need to replace eth0with wlan0 in the instructions below.

Note: Once you reboot your chrome device, the physical MAC address burnt in your network card will be restored.

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