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Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all having a great day. It’s just Tuesday so the week is still just starting lol but no worries, Friday will be among us before we even realize it. Anyway, read on…

Today we will focus on a new app that can come in handy to people who use YouTube as their main source for music, audiobooks etc. I am probably one of the biggest fans of YouTube, anytime I need to find a song or even an entire album to stream, you better believe I check YouTube first! Alright so what is this app that I am talking about? I present to you Seek ‘n Play Extension for your Google Chrome browser.

What does Seek ‘n Play App Do?

With Seek ‘n Play you will be able to hugely improve your YouTube experience. Seek ‘n Play allows you to search for video’s while you are watching a video, just like the mobile app. Yeah, that’s pretty much it, I still don’t know why the programmers at Google haven’t done this themselves, what exactly are they waiting for? Smh…

Seek ‘n Play Screenshot

YouTube Seek-n-Play App

YouTube Seek ‘N Play Extension

If you start searching for a video while playing another, the current video will continue to play in a picture-in-a-picture format, just like it does for the Mobile YouTube app but this time on your Chrome Browser.

Install Seek ‘n Play App

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