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Hello everyone, you can download Prezi Video for Chromebook and experience a new modern way to share your screen, record live videos that are both engaging and easy to use for anyone, especially students and teachers.

Today we will list some reasons we think Prezi Video might just work for you and your organization. In this pandemic time we are in, the likes of Zoom and Microsoft Teams have helped us keep in touch with not only our friends and family but our co-workers and of course teachers and students. With that said, this app that apparently is a bit more popular than I thought, by the time I am posting this, their official Facebook page had achieved well over 400,000 likes and I now see why, their app is quite nice.  For example, when creating a new video, you can choose from a variety of templates and customize them with your own content. You can add your own text, upload visuals or browse through our vast library of images, icons, GIFs and stickers to find the perfect visual for your video. On top of all that it integrates nicely with Powerpoint, Google Slides, Zoom, Webex Meetings and GoToWebinar. You can find a list of more features right below, let us know what you think about it if you decide to try it in the comments below.

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What is Prezi Video About?

Prezi Video is an for Chromebook that lets you to comfortably record engaging, personalized mini-lessons, study guides, and assignments. With the instructional challenges of teaching and learning from home, educators and students have turned to Prezi Video to help with remote instruction and presentation of knowledge. Educators can quickly create videos of themselves that incorporate their existing lecture decks or start from scratch with pre-made templates, and distribute them through Google Classroom. Prezi Video also makes online learning more engaging, purposeful for students of all ages.

Prezi Video Features:

  • School-to-home communications

Add a personal touch in messages to parents such as progress updates, announcements, assignment details, and semester highlights.

  • Visual lessons

More than ever before, young people learn visually. Reach your students with highly eye-catching materials that engage as well as educate.

    • Trainings

    Create highly visual, easily shareable training materials covering everything from policy compliance to customer relations to equipment use.

    • Flipped classrooms

    Preview the day’s lessons with short videos your students can watch beforehand, so they get the most out of your class time together.

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