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NBA Live Mobile Basketball on Chromebook

Hello everyone, you can download NBA Live Mobile for Chromebook and experience playing as your favorite basketball players including Giannis, LeBron James, Luka, Steph Curry, Durant, Kyrie, Embiid and the other 30 teams.

How to install NBA Live Mobile as an Android app

In order to install this game on your ChromeOS whether that be on a Chromebook or whatever else, you can do that following our instructions right below.

  1. Choose where you want to download the game from:
  2. Once you are done downloading it, after downloading NBA Live Mobile, launch it from the Launcher (app drawer) or the shelf (taskbar). Click the NBA Live Mobile icon to start playing.

Once you have the downloading out of the way, you can read more about the game and see if it is worth your time. It’s not news that I love sports games, I have said it multiple times on this website that I spend 70-80% of my gaming time playing sports games on my consoles but when it comes to mobile gaming, I usually play action games because the controls are simply more comfortable and the graphics on mobile action games are usually on point. Here is where things got a little bit interesting to me, I decided to try NBA Live on my Chromebook and well I was positively surprised, the game looks much better than I thought it would, the graphics sort of look like early or mid PS2 graphics which isn’t all that bad but the gameplay was where the game stood apart and to my surprise, it felt surprisingly smooth and responsive on the Chromebook’s keyboard. Sure, it won’t win any awards for complexity, but the core gameplay loop of running plays, draining threes, and throwing down alley-oops is as satisfying as ever. The AI, while not perfect, put up a decent challenge, and the quick match format kept the games fast-paced and exciting.

With that said, NBA Live on Chromebook ended up being a pleasant surprise. It’s not going to dethrone your favorite console sports games, but if you’re looking for a quick and enjoyable hoops fix on the go, it’s definitely worth checking out. Don’t judge EA too harshly, yes we know they failed on console and clearly lost the war to 2K but the charm is more in the unexpected playability and addictive arcade-style gameplay.

Kyrie making a 3

Here is Kyrie making a tough 3 with the defender falling down after a quick crossover and stepback, as you can see the game does have some depth so it is definitely worth your time to at least give it a shot.

You should also check our list of Chromebooks that can run Android apps and games. If your ChromeOS device is on the list or if it was made after 2017, it can most likely run this game without any issues. Let us know in the comments what you think about this game, the perfect game for those of you who want a challenging but fun game where you can unleash your fury on everyone.

What is NBA Live Mobile game about?

NBA Live Mobile Basketball is a mobile basketball game by EA that works on your Chromebook. In the game you can build your ultimate dream team from a roster of current and classic NBA superstars. Collect player cards, each representing a different athlete’s skills and stats. Strategically assemble your lineup, balancing offensive powerhouses with defensive stoppers to create a team that dominates the court.

The action itself is fast-paced and arcade-like, with intuitive controls for dribbling, passing, and shooting. Drive to the hoop for thunderous dunks, drain threes from beyond the arc, or orchestrate intricate plays that leave your opponents scrambling. Compete in head-to-head matchups against other players, climb the ranked ladder, and participate in regular events and tournaments to test your skills and earn exclusive rewards.

Beyond the on-court action, NBA Live Mobile offers depth for dedicated players. Manage your team’s stamina, upgrade player cards, and unlock new abilities to customize your playstyle. Dive into limited-time events and themed seasons that offer fresh challenges and unique rewards.

NBA Live Mobile Features:

  • Collect player cards featuring current and classic NBA superstars.
  • Assemble a lineup with balanced offense and defense to dominate the court.
  • Upgrade player cards to unlock new abilities and boost their stats.
  • Intuitive controls for dribbling, passing, and shooting.
  • Drive for dunks, shoot threes, and execute strategic plays.
  • Compete in head-to-head matchups against other players.
  • Participate in ranked seasons and climb the leaderboard.
  • Earn rewards for winning matches and completing challenges.
  • Test your skills in regular events and tournaments.
  • Manage your team’s stamina for optimal performance.
  • Unlock new abilities to customize your playstyle.
  • Dive into limited-time events and themed seasons for fresh challenges.

NBA Live Mobile Gameplay Video

NBA Live Mobile Gameplay Screenshots

NBA Live Mobile Chromebook Requirements

  • Supported OS Version: ChromeOS 115 & Android 11 or newer.
  • Supported Device: Device with 4GB of RAM or above.
  • Storage Space: 2 GB or above.

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