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Hello everyone, you can now download Amazon Prime Video for Chromebook and experience yet another premium streaming service much like Disney Plus for Chromebook. Amazon Prime Video has well over 195 million members thanks to their Prime membership bundle. Either way, that is impressive.

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Today we will highlight the reasons why we think you should go ahead and try Prime Video on your Chromebooks today. I have been a Prime member for well over 2 years now and I just started checking out their exclusive movies and Tv shows, why I did I take so long? Well honestly, I still prefer to download everything I watch, I am that old school but lately I have fallen back to streaming a lot more and I actually like content on Prime video, it honestly does rival Netflix or at least it will in a couple years as Amazon basically has an open checkbook to produce whatever they want. Prime video works just fine on my Chromebook and you actually have 2 methods to get it to work, both work perfectly and you can choose which way right below this paragraph. Of course some people might have issues especially if you decide to use the Android app because you can only run Android apps on your Chromebook if your Chromebook was made in 2017 or later. Besides that, you can also simply just use your Chrome browser to access Amazon Prime Video. Let us know in the comments what you think about Prime Video, don’t be shy!

  • Does Amazon Prime Video work on Chromebook? Yes!
  • Is Amazon Prime Video Free? No. Amazon Prime is a premium subscription service but at least new users get a 30-day free trial.

What Is Amazon Prime About?

Prime Video is a streaming service that works on your Chromebook and gives you Amazon Originals and other exclusive titles available to rent or buy, live events, movies, documentaries and TV shows. Premium features of Prime Video includes hit movies and tv shows like The Boys, Good Omens, Jack Ryan, The Grand Tour, tons of cartoons for children and more.

Prime Video Features:

  • Multi-user profiles

Now you, your partner, friends or family members can all have different user profiles and each can have their own content tailored to them once they login.

  • View your content offline

You can view your downloaded files offline, this come sin handy when you are perhaps in a remote camping trip and the internet connection isn’t there or it’s simply not stable.

    • Cast to the big screens

    You can now cast your content to your television with ease, especially if you use a Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    • 4K Ultra HD
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR) and mobile downloads for offline viewing of select content.
    • New-release movies and TV shows
    • Indie favorites
    • Cult classics
    • Live Sports
    • Ad-Free

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