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Hello everyone, you can download Tales of Wind for Chromebook and play this popular action MMORPG that will have you hooked for days. As I have already noted in the past week, Chromebooks released in 2017 or newer can now run most Android apps and Android games! We now have a list of Chromebooks that support Android apps. where you can double check to see if your Chromebook can run Android apps, even if you don’t find your Chromebook on that list, as long as it was released in 2017 or later, it most likely can run Android apps from the Google play store. Great news right?

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Download Tales of Wind for ChromeOS

Today we will highlight some reasons why we think you should go ahead and try Tales of Wind on your Chromebooks. I have been playing this game on my Samsung Chromebook for the past couple of days and so far it’s really fun and the graphics are just fantastic. You can play solo or team up with your friends online and discover new enemies to fight as you upgrade yourself and your crew with new powers and abilities. The game comes packed with over 20 unique casual gaming modes so you are never really bored, there is always something else to do in the game and to me, that’s exactly why I can see myself playing this game for a long time. Let me know in the comments once you install it if you like it or not.

What Is Tales of Wind Game About?

Tales of Wind lets you become the chosen one in a city called La Place, the city blessed by divines is under shadow of evils nowadays. Gather enough power to find the truth behind the lies and bring the light back again into the world, that is your mission. Whether you do it alone or with friends, the choice is yours.

Tales of Wind Game Features:

An action MMORPG with cute characters and soothing experience

  • Customize yourself with tons of outfits
  • Capture and travel with cute pets and mounts

Equip Cards of power and transform now

  • Defeat powerful monsters and seal them in soul Cards which grant you superior power
  • Transform into monsters to use their powerful skills

Team up with your friends to explore a vast world

  • Well-designed PVE dungeons require good team Co-operation

Tons of innovative gameplay modes

  • Racing, shooting, quiz and more than 20 different casual modes

Meet your destined romance in your adventure

  • Encounters your soul mate in the journey
  • Complete the 2-Players tasks with your wisdom and courage
  • Pledge to love in the church with the priest
  • Manage the lovely farm only for you two

Value yourself and empower the kingdom

  • Complete the kingdom missions with players all over the world to promote the course of history

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Tales of Wind Gameplay Video

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